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Tiffany Chair - Gold
Chaise Lounge - White and Gold
Cutlery - Gold 4 pce
Dholki Indian Drum
Curtain - Gold Sequin
Votive - Gold
Large Lantern - Gold
Cutlery gold 6 pce
Sofa - wooden Indian Design
Curtain - Silver Sequin
Lantern - Gold
Sofa -Swing wooden
Tray -solid gold
Rickshaw Yellow
Rickshaw Pink
Sofa Velvet maroon Aladdin
Sofa Velvet rani
Stool -white fluffy
Nikaah blossom package
Stage Package -umbrella fusion
Bicycle prop
Stage Package -Springtime
Tray- Silver
Party packages-Henna Theme
Stage package-Vintage henna
Grass carpet
Floral Garland - Jasmine
Stage package -Garden Sangeet
Bollywood Umbrella - Prop
Charger Plate exclusive Package - Silver Coral
Stage Package - Royal Sangeet 2
Stage Package-summertime Henna
Cushion- mirror work
Curtain - Grand Bollywood
Floor Vase -Bollywood
Floral Canopy - Mehndi/Sangeet
Curtain -multicolour sequins
Stage Package - Royal Sangeet 1
Tray gold lattice
Hookah Lamp - Prop
Stage Package - Mandap
Votives - Henna
Floral Garland - Orange
Floral Garland - Yellow
Mirror centrepiece round Silver
Floral Garland - Hot Pink
Curtain - rainbow chiffon
Curtain - Springtime
Curtain - Hollywood

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